Panama is set to host one of the most attractive skydiving festivals held worldwide.

This challenging adventure will take place from April 24 to 27 on Contadora Island, in an event that seeks to promote skydiving in the country.

Around 50 such events are held annually around the world, and this will be the fourth time it is celebrated in Panama.

The event is expected to attract 70 experienced skydivers from nations like the United States, Colombia, and several European countries, in addition to more than 200 amateurs who dare to live out such a experience.

Absolute freedom

The organizers reported that it will be a recreational event that seeks to entertain. “It is not a competition; it’s for fun and exhibition. Our objective is toskyrocket tourism in Panama, so we will be promoting the videos filmed on site across social networks,” said skydiver Toby Shacalo. Adrenaline levels will begin to climb once participants abandon the airplane at about 12,000 feet (3,658 meters) high to jump down, reaching speeds of up to 200 kilometers per hour before deploying their parachutes and landing on the hot sand beach.

Among the forms that will be displayed are freefly (execution of specific movements) and formations made with a wingsuit (an outfit that functions like wings). Tandem jumps (jumping together with an instructor) will also be available for the general public to try taking wing.

Security will be provided through coordination of authorities from SINAPROC (National Civil Protection System) and the Contadora clinic, in addition to a helicopter and boats alert to any landing that misses the mark of the island. This activity is open to the public, who will have the unique opportunity of being a part of the spectacle. The event will take place from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


– Skydiving can be performed from any aircraft, like a plane, helicopter, or balloon, as well as from static objects like mountains, buildings, bridges, antennas, and trees.

– The parachute has four components: main canopy, reserve canopy, automatic opener, and rig (the backpack that holds it all). The cost of a complete gear starts at $6,000 dollars but can last forever as long as it is properly maintained.

– Bringing an aircraft to Panama is in the works to revive skydiving locally, as well as offering the training necessary to create new exponents who will be able to offer the tandem skydiving experience to others.

– You can not jump if it is cloudy or raining. Wind is not the enemy, since a little breeze helps make for a smoother landing, although if it’s too windy things get complicated.

– The leading skydivers who will be attending this festival are Roberta Mancino, Rob Laidlaw, Scotty Burns, and Carlos BriceƱo.

Adrenaline to the max!

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